A Wish for Negativity to Subside

A Doha by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

We are obliged to cherish and protect this world,
The place we humans call our home.
So why pointlessly destroy any source
Of our world's prosperity?
May the truth of all Buddhas in the ten directions
Help bring an end to all such deluded actions.
May raising the attitude of love and compassion
Help peace and happiness spread throughout the world.
The way of all civilized people
Is to protect one's life and precious body.
How pitiful to cast away and destroy it
In the delusion that it may be used as a weapon.
May the nectar of Truth, calm and soothing,
Completely pacify such violent intent.
May the attitude of love and compassion
Blossom in all people throughout the world.
The way of noble people is to help others
And the universal norm is to protect oneself.
May the pitiful wish to destroy both self and others,
Such an unwholesome thought and deed fade forever.
May the truthful speech of Bodhisattvas and virtuous people,
The truthful speech of the pure nature of reality,
Promote peace and harmony here in our world
So that everyone might enjoy the wealth of happiness and well-being.

Upon hearing of the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, this wish for negativity to subside was written with pure intention by Thrangu Tulku.